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Alluros Custom Cabinets in Peoria

Bespoke, Handmade, Custom, Quality Custom Cabinets


Beautiful custom cabinetry handcrafted by skilled craftsmen can transform your kitchen and home At Alluros Custom Cabinets our extensive background in custom cabinet design, construction and installation on site set us apart as one of the most reputable service providers Our range of services includes custom cabinet installations that range between 85301 and 85383. We optimize our clients storage space, eliminate clutter and turn their homes into beautiful Our work includes custom-made cabinets for your kitchen and bookcases, to media centers, shelving and Our loyal customers have dreams of a luxurious home restoration, and the staff at Alluros Custom Cabinets strive to transform their visions into a

Cabinets are affixed with big profiles and are placed on the site in a line Therefore, it is essential that they look good Remodeling your home is a a big investment. It is important to select the appropriate type We’re committed to supplying stylish and space-saving cabinets in Peoria that are built to your requirements From inset doors to custom media centers, everything is built in-house using top quality woods and fittings These small details allow for a more modern, elegant, and polished look

Contact us today to start designing the custom cabinets you have always wanted We can help you navigate the entire process by asking what you want from
Custom Media Centers
Alluros Custom Cabinets is a specialist in custom cabinets. However, we also create other furniture bespoke to your specifications like custom media centers and customized To create a space that is more tranquil and clear, custom entertainment centers can conceal wires, remote controls, or Imagine being able to store away all the various equipment you own, and then it being an elegant piece of custom furniture that enhances the overall ambience of your living space

The majority of mass-produced media centres are made from particle board, and don’t offer specific storage areas for We design your customized media center from an ideal wood like ash or birch, and the entertainment center you choose to build will be much more durable and will look beautiful We can create spaces and wiring access holes in cabinets to conceal cables that are too numerous in your family room

Cabinet Hard Woods of Premium
There are many different cabinet woods you can select which will alter the appearance and the characteristics of the There is an abundance of choices for cabinet woods. Here we will look at some of the most popular types

Alder wood is generally light brown in appearance and has lighter undertones Alder wood requires more care because it requires specific finishing techniques. It isn’t as durable as maple cabinet however it is a must for those who want an authentic look

Maple wood cabinets can handle different types of stains, making it versatile and is extremely durable The maple’s exterior is extremely uniform, with subdued grain marks

Birch wood is an excellent choice if you are searching for a particular color for your cabinets. It can be finished or painted with numerous Birchwood is a different color for sapwood and heartwood, but this difference is not as significant as hickory

Kitchen cabinets made of oak are strong and much more affordable than oak or maple which makes them a preferred choice for buyers It has amazing grain markings that are loved by many homeowners, and the wood doesn’t soak up water as it flows straight across

Hickory wood has a large contrast in colors between the heartwood and the sapwood, and this is great for design aspects It is creamy in its color and is able to It is known for having stark variations in its grain patterns, and is coveted for its natural rustic appearance

Cherry wood comes the wild black cherry and is often used in different styles, such as Natural cherry wood cabinets have a red hue and can also range across the entire spectrum from white to brown Cherry woods have a smooth surface, and lots of variety in their markings Cherry woods look stunning, they are simple to finish and have a gorgeous reddish-brown hue

This is only the beginning to the world of wood cabinets, call us at Alluros Custom Cabinets now, and we’ll help you choose the one that will work with your cabinets best

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Alluros Custom Cabinets in Peoria


13224 N 98th Ave.
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